Tutorials & Workshops


Convenor: Brick M. Fevold, GeGeneral Dynamics Information Technology, United States

A hands-on short course on planning for and conducting re-measurements for quality control assessment to support the collection of reliable ecological data.

Convenor: David Polster, University of Victoria, Canada

Effective strategies for the restoration of large disturbances (mines, landslides, etc.) will be presented.


Convenor: Nicole Wright, Ecofish Research Ltd., Canada

A workshop to learn and share experiences and tools to address and manage uncertainty and risk when planning ecological restoration projects, with the goal of learning new strategies to manage risk to achieve successful restoration outcomes.

Convenor: Pieter Ploeg, Commonland Foundation, Netherlands

This workshop invites participants that are facilitating multi-stakeholder restoration initiatives to learn more about social tools that can build lasting social aliances towards inspired action. In this workhop, participants can learn from successful social restoration alliances and bring in their own case for peer coaching.

Convenor: Stephen Thomforde, Stantec Design and Consulting, Canada

This presentation exams the science, application, current and future potentials for restoring the second trophic level and sustainable human communities in native grassland ecosystems.

Convenor: Donnie McPhee, Natural Resources Canada, Canada

Canada's National Tree Seed Centre will offer a virtual tour of its world-class seed science facilities, collaborators, research and capacity, followed by a series of technical and interactive modules designed to engage R3 expertise and inspire a National Seed Conservation & Development Strategy.

Convenor: Kevin Grieser, Biohabitats, United States

Ecological restoration projects are more frequently being delivered using the design-build delivery method. This presentation will illustrate how design-build projects can align owner interests with ecological restoration objectives and engineer/contractor interests to deliver the most valuable and efficient project.

Convenor: Michelle Hiestermann, Water Research Commission, South Africa

The session will strengthen participant practice and knowledge in social learning and knowledge management for unlocking investment in ecological infrastructure for water security. The establishment of an international community of practice to scale up efforts will be catalysed.

Convenor: Stephanie Frischie

This workshop will present and discuss a variety of native seed programs and initiatives and will provide information, models and support to participants seeking to improve the supply of native seed in their region.

Convenor: Simone Pedrini, Curtin University - INSR, Australia

Presentations on the international standards for native seeds in ecological restoration will lead to a discussion on their application in seed supply chain development with suppliers, end-users, and industry, government and NGO representatives.

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